The ZEUS team (manufacturer and dealers) are committed to USA products and engineering. ZEUS grilling products are ANSI-certified and ETL-rated.
Zeus Grill Company
The Art Of Grilling. Redefined.
About Us

The ZEUS Grill Company was founded because of our passion for high-powered grilling equipment and the consumer's need for a commercially-certified, outdoor-rated grilling product. Many grills on the market claim a commercial rating, but the number of grills that actually have it can be counted on a few fingers.

We knew that the current trend of LED lights and Chinese manufacturing was lowering the cooking standards that were once set by manufacturers such as DCS, Delta and BecaLynx. We knew that in order to extract the most heat from a broiler, it must be properly engineered, use the best materials available, and be free of any electronics that have a history of failure on competing machines.

Much like Saleen went to Ford to produce the Saleen Mustang, ZEUS Grill Company went to a restaurant-quality kitchen manufacturer that had commercial experience with outdoor products.  After many discussions and adjustments to an already-great design, the ZEUS had been born and was ready for small-scale production.  They continue to be hand-made products, not production-line widgets.

Extremely capable, well-built, USA-manufactured...  this is world-class grilling with old-school manufacturing techniques.  We are sure you'll find our grill line perfect for any type of grilling you do, but knowing that it is up to the task of a commercial kitchen should speak volumes of what this grill can do.

ZEUS Grill Company is dedicated to redefining grilling as an art form and we welcome any comments from the general public.

(DCS, Delta, & BecaLynx are trademarks of their respective companies and are not part of ZEUS Grills.)