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The Plan: Coming Together

The one thing ZEUS Grill Company knew before building the new Emerald Grill Line was that they would need a quality builder to build the new products.  We found an extremely capable company that builds high-quality restaurant kichen appliances, so we knew that with a history of building quality restaurant kitchens across the USA, they were our 'go to guys' for the new products.

Both teams quickly went to work with engineers to upgrade the burner and briquette system to higher standards.  A new briquette was designed that allowed for the heat to reach the center of the briquettes so that they would distribute the heat evenly across the grilling area.  The briquette trays were designed to let the air flow come through the briquettes so as to promote proper air flow from bottom to top.

The central "Core" of any grilling system is the burner system and the way that it transfers heat, so thermographics were studied and the result is a new grilling system so powerful that an infrared burner isn't even offered as an option; it's simply NOT NEEDED.  This is a very capable broiler, and while cost-cutting measures certainly would have resulted in stainless tube-type burners, ZEUS agreed that this would not be an option.

The firebox was designed to handle the additional heat of the brass burner system and to properly deflect it.  Continued is the all-welded construction and rear infrared burner used for the rotisserie system.  Double-walled stainless steel is used for the rear canopy, and a removable rear deck lid is implemented for future repairs or gas-type interchanges.  The front panel is removable to allow for easy servicing, as well.

The electronic ignition system uses a solid-state unit with insulated wires.  ZEUS didn't want a recurring warranty nightmare like so many of it's competitors, so there was NO discussion of 9-volt or transformer-based ignition system.  LED lights weren't considered because of their high cost and complexity, not to mention that putting a wiring loom so close to a heat source is done for the showroom and not for the outdoors.  Additionally, as one engineer so thoughtfully remarked, "I don't think blue LED lights on the front of the grill will help cook a steak."  Exactly.  The ZUES Grill was being designed for true commercial cooking, not to showcase electronic wizardry.

The new hood design features double-walled stainless steel, ever-so-slight polishing treatments on the hood and front fascia, and a new seamless design that brings the hood design up to modern standards.  The metal chosen for the new grill continues to be 304 stainless containing nickel and zinc (obvious for it's non-corrosive properties), and the new grills are extremely solid; the fit and finish is truly industrial.

The dual-stage valve system doubles as a safety feature in windy conditions, and the knobs are black plastic for ease of use in high-temperature settings.  Metal knobs weren't even considered for the new ZEUS Grill line because of metal having the unfortunate ability to absorb heat.  Given that most consumers want to adjust the temperature of their grill when in operation, the high-heat black plastic knobs allow a consumer to simply touch the knob and adjust the temperature.  

The thought process from the very beginning of the design of the new ZEUS Grill line was to focus on performance and build quality; nothing else.   So with the new ZEUS Grill line, that's exactly what was designed; an extremely solid, easy to use, and powerful cooking system that will last for many years.